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Amy Kaplan

Friends is easily one of the greatest sitcoms in American TV history, right up there with Seinfeld and The Office.

We probably all remember the episode where Ross accidentally says Rachel's name at the alter, or the one where Chandler and Monica finally hook up — or how about the one where Phoebe gives birth to triplets. Yep, those were classics.

But do you remember the one where Monica's millionaire boyfriend Pete (played by none other than Iron Man director Jon Favreau!) wanted to be a UFC fighter?

In the episode we watch Pete step into the cage, via an official introduction by none other than Bruce Buffer.

Then his opponent steps out ... and it's Tank Abbott.

Iconic referee Big John McCarthy is there too, in a UFC uniform no less,because it wouldn't be authentic otherwise.

Pete enters the cage in a gi with a white belt while doing a riff on the Gracie Train, and is of course destroyed by Abbott. He's later seen in a full body cast. Perfect.


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