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Amy Kaplan

Just this week Dana White hinted that Jon Jones' failed USADA test might not be as black and white as everyone thinks. Jones himself took to Instagram to say he expects to be back in the octagon soon.

"He's not wrong," White said on SportsCenter. "Things have taken a turn and it's looking a little more positive than it was."

"It came out that he had testing positive for something you get on when you are coming off steroids," he continued. "But that might not be the case now."

Jones tested positive for two estrogen blockers ahead of his UFC 200 headlining bout with Daniel Cormier. He was removed from the fight and suspended pending investigation.

This came just shortly after testing positive for cocaine at a fight previously, then being involved in hit-and-run and drag racing cases.

"This guy has got 12 lives," he said. "Things are looking up for him."


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