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Before he handed out beatings on the big screen, actor and professional badass Danny Trejo made a name for himself as a two-division boxing champion while serving time in prison.

The Machete star recently told TMZ Sports that he didn't just own titles at one penitentiary, but was considered the champ at multiple different prisons.

"I was lightweight and welterweight champion of every penitentiary I was in," Trejo said. "And I was in all of them."

Trejo, who spent time at a few different institutions throughout his early life, was a two-division titleholder during his stint at San Quentin State Prison, according to a 2010 interview with USA Today. His prowess as a pugilist actually helped him stumble into the world of movies.

He was hired as the boxing trainer for actor Eric Roberts on the set of 1985's Runaway Train. Roberts wound up getting a best-supporting-actor Oscar nomination for the role. Director Andrei Konchalovsky liked Trejo's work and gave him a tiny part in the movie as a boxer.

The actor's history with boxing is probably why he's such a big fan combat sports today.

Trejo told TMZ Sports that he thinks some fans find Floyd Mayweather to be boring and are turning to MMA because he's taken boxing "as far as it could go."

"He's probably the only boxer there is," Trejo said. "Everybody else is a fighter. Big difference."

The Machete star said that, back in his prison days, you had to fight like a brawling fighter and not like a tactical boxer in the vein of Mayweather.

"You had to be a fighter," Trejo said. "In the ring you can run, but you can't hide. Unless you're fighting a Floyd Mayweather, then he's going to catch you."

The actor did concede that "Money" is a fantastic fighter due to his undefeated record and for never ending up on the wrong side of serious injury or knock out.

"That's amazing," Trejo said. "Whether you like him or don't like him, he's probably one of the best fighters ever."

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