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Amy Kaplan

Ian McCall is never one to shy away from strong opinions, and this time he's taking aim at USADA.

"I enjoy the fact that they test people as avidly as they do," he said to "It's what we need but at the same time they are kinda overstepping the boundaries."

He added that USADA has shown up at his house at 6 a.m. to test him before, and they have to know where the fighters are at all times. He even says he sends a text every night saying where he's supposed to be the next day.

He recalls a time when he missed an afternoon training session because his coach wanted him to nap instead. He said that happened to be the time USADA showed up and grilled him about not being there.

"They said 'You should have text us,'" he said. "'How about you go f--k yourself!'"

He says that the system is good for catching people who are trying to cheat, but those that are innocent often get lumped in.

"It's the fact that they act like they are solving crime," he added.

McCall is set to face Ray Borg at UFC 203 on Sept. 10.


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