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UFC fighters are making predictions about who is going to come out victorious in the main event of UFC 202.

Nate Diaz will fight Conor McGregor in a highly anticipated rematch. Diaz defeated McGregor by rear naked choke in their first fight in March, but McGregor has vowed to come back stronger and better next time.

So what do UFC fighters think? It looks pretty split, according to some of the sport's best fighters, according to MMA Junkie.

Michael Bisping, UFC middleweight champion

“Conor is a game-changer, Conor is on top of his game and Conor is going to win the rematch. No disrespect to Diaz, but Conor will win.”


Eddie Alvarez, UFC lightweight champion

“I think Nate’s going to do the same thing he did to Conor the first time. Conor tripped over his shoelaces the first time around and I think he’s going to trip up again. Conor’s a good talker, but he has to be a good talker because he’s not too damn good at fighting.”



Jose Aldo, interim UFC featherweight champion

“From what I saw, Nate is way bigger, stronger and he’s training. He got the first fight on short notice and was still able to win. Well-trained, he’ll be really hard for McGregor. If you look at Diaz’s fights, even when he’s getting beat he finds a way to come back. If I had to bet, it would be Nate.”


Alexander Gustafsson, UFC light heavyweight

“I think Conor has learned a lot since the last fight, but Diaz is too big. Conor is one of the best guys in the world in his division, but it’s hard to move up and compete against the best guys in another weight class.”


Junior Dos Santos, former UFC heavyweight champion

“I see Nate winning again. Nate can take punches and he’s got good stamina, which is going to put a lot of pressure on Conor McGregor.”


Derrick Lewis, UFC heavyweight

“Diaz is going to win. I can’t see McGregor lasting all five rounds. Diaz can last all day.”


Ross Pearson, UFC lightweight

“I think the fight will go the same way as the first one did. The opening exchanges will be different, though. Conor is more focused and is a lot more switched on for the fight with regards to the training he has been doing. The outcome will be the same, though. Diaz to win by ground-and-pound submission in the third round – it’s his biggest asset.”


Brad Pickett, UFC bantamweight

“When you’re used to winning all the time, it can sometimes be hard to get super motivated for a fight. Conor has a point to prove now and I can see him being a lot grittier in the rematch. I’m backing him to beat Diaz.”


Gunnar Nelson, UFC welterweight

“I think if Conor takes his time and breaks him down, does what he does best, uses his speed a little better and maybe not concentrate on power as much, I think he will walk through Diaz.”



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