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If you've seen the first trailer for Assassin's Creed, then you already know that the action scenes are going to be pretty epic. But just how real are all of those high-flying stunts?

Apparently they are very real.

According to a new featurette by 20th Century FOX, the filmmakers have tried their best to limit the use of CGI in favor of actual stunts performed by humans. That means the insane fight sequences that are based on signature techniques from the video game won't rely on computer-generated cartoons, even for crazy moves like the famed "Leap of Faith."

The recently released clip breaks down how Michael Fassbender's stunt double Damien Walters performed a 125-foot jump in what's being called one of the highest free-fall stunts in nearly 35 years.

"Normally, it would be a digital character that would jump off," producer Patrick Crowley said in the video. "Damien's the best, so we're going to do it for real."

That's pretty nuts.

Crowley said that Fassbender's character is forced to do a "Leap of Faith" in the movie during a scene where the hero is trapped and has no other options to escape.

While the sequence looks amazing, both as a finished product in the trailer and in the behind the scenes footage, it was definitely a dangerous feat for Walters. The stunt man traveled at a free-fall speed of 61.1 mph, and somehow, didn't break a thing on his body.

If this is how the filmmakers are handling just one crazy stunt in Assassin's Creed, then just imagine the insanity that the other fight scenes will bring.

Director Justin Kurzel stated in the clip that, even though this is a movie based on a video game, all of the thrilling beatdowns and high-intensity scenes will be grounded in reality.

"I just want it to be an unbelievable ride that leads you into some action sequences that are dynamic and they feel really exciting," Kurzel said. "We're trying to base as much as possible in reality."

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