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Amy Kaplan

Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz says he hadn't even heard of Cody Garbrandt until his "team leader" called him out.

"Cody's been running his mouth and I didn't even know who this guy was," Cruz said to

Garbrandt who is ranked number 8 in the division is slowly making his way up the ranks and Cruz thinks it's because he's riding in the coat tails of the bigger names.

"It's already got a decent fan base," Cruz said. "Coming from that team Alpha fail camp."

Cruz knows how to throw shade (we all know he means Team Alpha Male)!

"This is their game," he said of Team Alpha Male. "They put themselves to make sure and follow the people who are doing something in this sport so they can latch on to their coattails and try to get a fight with them."

Garbrandt faces Takeya Mizugaki at UFC 202, many fans have wondered if the winner of this fight will face Cruz next.


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