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UFC and WWE superstar Brock Lesnar took Heath Slater to Suplex City on Monday Night Raw, in the go-home show before this Sunday's WWE Summerslam.

Lesnar will face Randy Orton at this weekend's show, but tonight he took on a challenge from a significantly less formidable opponent: Heath Slater.

It didn't end well for Slater, whose gimmick right now is that he went undrafted by both Raw and Smackdown last month, so he is billing himself as "the hottest free agent in sports entertainment."

Slater interrupted one of Paul Heyman's speeches, declaring that he would defeat Lesnar so that he could win a contract to support his kids.

That's when Lesnar, surprisingly, decided to talk:

"I got kids too, man," Lesnar said. "I feel ya. Let's talk about your kids. I don't give a s--t about your kids."

Typical Lesnar.

Slater then tried to deliver a cheap shot to Lesnar, but he read it and decided to take Slater to Suplex City, in the form of a patented "F-5" maneuver.

Lesnar previously fought in MMA at UFC 200, defeating Mark Hunt by unanimous decision. Lesnar, however, reportedly failed two drug tests, although he has yet to have a hearing before USADA regarding the allegations.

He faces a possible two-year suspension from professional fighting.

The WWE did little on its television to promote Lesnar's fight with Hunt, and has not formally acknowledged his drug test failure on television.


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