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I grew up in Las Vegas so I have learned to love watching people fight and talking about it.
Jack Sullivan

Cody Garbrandt is one of the surging stars in the UFC. At only 25 years old, he has already compiled a 9-0 record, with four of those wins coming inside the Octagon. His last showing saw him impressively dominating the previously undefeated ranked bantamweight Thomas Almeida via a first round knockout.

Garbrandt is back this weekend at UFC 202 against Takeya Mizugaki, but he may have bigger plans on the horizon. Though he claims that he doesn't, "want to overlook [Mizugaki]," Garbrandt is already calling out the big dog in the bantamweight division.

"[Dominick] Cruz is the top of my hit list," Garbrandt said during a media event for UFC 202.

Garbrandt has steadily been climbing the rankings and if he were to win on Saturday in impressive fashion, he could find himself in the top five. However, Garbrandt does not care what the rankings say, he believes that he deserves the next title shot regardless of what others might think.

"I think the rankings are bullsh-t," Garbrandt said.

He wants to fight Cruz because, "he's got a big mouth," and title fights should be "performance based." His resume is impressive and a potential 10-0 start would be no laughing matter. He also has the confidence to promote a fight.

"I'm gonna be a better Conor McGregor," Garbrandt said. "I'm going to be the American superstar ... That's what we are in here for, to make money."


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