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It looks like things are getting pretty intense for Oliver Queen on the set of Arrow.

Actor Stephen Amell recently posted a photo of himself sporting a bloody nose after shooting a particularly brutal fight scene for the show's upcoming fifth season. The CW star wrote in his Facebook post that it was a kick to the face that caused the bloody situation.

My face met a foot. Bad ass fight sequence. Totally worth it. Season 5!!
Photo by Stephen Amell via Facebook
Photo by Stephen Amell via Facebook

That's gotta hurt.

Despite the painful blow to the face, Amell seemed pumped about how the brawl turned out, which should encourage fans who've been waiting to see more action-packed fights like those featured in the series' first few seasons.

In recent years, Arrow has deviated from the grounded, gritty, and realistic fight scenes that made the show a hit in order to introduce superpowered heroes and magical villains. While the rise of The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl have been welcomed additions to TV screens, the series that started it all has clearly taken a hit by straying from its less-over-the-top roots.

Thankfully, the Arrow team is going bringing the focus back to what made the show great, meaning fans should expect some seriously awesome beatdowns next season.

Perhaps Amell's photo is from an "amazing," on-screen battle that showrunner Wendy Mericle teased to TV Line. Described as a one-shot sequence, the website also called it "the most brutal fight scene in network television history."

Apparently, fans can thank Game of Thrones for forcing the show to up the ante.

“We’re now part of this [TV] universe where you have Game of Thrones and the way that they deal with violence and how they do their fights, so it’s our attempt to do something similar," Mericle told TV Line. "It’s bloody. You’re in it. We’re doing a lot more ‘first person’ – not necessarily point of view – action. Stephen has been a huge proponent of doing that, and it’s going to feel real and in your face.”

The real question is, who will be throwing down with Green Arrow for this bloody brawl?

Dolph Lundgren was recently announced as a new villain for season 5, although his role is said to take place in flashback scenes set in Russia. Still, the former Ivan Drago could be the man to step into the ring for this epic match-up with Oliver Queen.

Another option could be Vigilante, the troubled hero who will be played by actor Josh Segarra next season. A safe bet, though, would be on the new archer shown in the teaser trailer. Villainous archers have a tendency to get into big fights with the Green Arrow.

Regardless of whom Oliver Queen has this amazing battle with, fans should definitely be excited for a more action-packed season of Arrow.

Are you excited for the fight scenes in season 5 of Arrow? Let us know in the comments below.


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