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This could get ugly.

Nick Diaz, who just finished an 18 month suspension for failing a USADA drug test for marijuana, has posted a video to Snapchat where he can be seen arguing with a USADA official. This post came shortly after he uploaded a snap of the same illegal drug he was popped for.

In the snap, he is seen filming his phone and a conversation between himself and what seems to be a female USADA official trying to come test Diaz.

Diaz is heard asking them to come in 5-6 hours, and the official is advising him what could happen if he delays a test.

"I cannot wait five or six hours," she says.

"What's the problem?" Diaz asked.

Diaz then asks again, saying he's tired and just got there (he looks to be in a hotel room in Las Vegas).

"Nick, that's not gonna happen," she says again. "The consequence for not doing the test is a two year sanction."

Upon hearing that, Diaz seemingly becomes upset, and says he just wants to sleep, that he has been up all night, and he asks her to come tomorrow and to call his agent.

In a second series of snaps, Diaz is seen in bed saying he is ready to be tested, and adding he has weed with him that [the USADA employee] and him can smoke together.

Prior to these posts, Diaz was seen with friends in a hotel suite partying, and later in a Las Vegas nightclub. Although you never seen] Diaz doing anything illegal, his friends appear to be smoking something out of an apple.

Screenshots from Nick Diaz Snapchat
Screenshots from Nick Diaz Snapchat

It appears all of this may have gone down early this morning, as he refers to the time as 6:00 AM. There is no word yet on if he did or did not eventually take the test.


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