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So who is the next big thing in the UFC? If you ask Joe Rogan, it's Russian heavyweight wrestler Bilyal Makhov.

For starters, Makhov is a giant. He stands 6′ 5″ is 300 lbs. And that's not just for show, Makhov is made for go.

In 2015, he won bronze medals in both Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling at the world championships, the first man to do so in more than four decades, according to

Makhov also won a bronze medal in freestyle wrestling in 2012, and is competing in the 2016 Olympics in Rio. He's also a three-time freestyle world champion (2007, 2009 and 2010).

Rogan is high on the wrestler's chances in the UFC. For one, he's already signed a UFC contract and plans to compete in MMA after the Olympics.

“There’s this Russian dude who’s gonna join the ranks of MMA after the Olympics,” said Rogan, as reported by "This dude is so good, he’s so technical and so f---in stupid-strong… his f---in takedowns are ruthless. He runs through guys.

“Watch this motherf---er wrestle. He’s so f---ing fast and so big and so strong, and when he gets to MMA, he’s running through motherf---ers. You are not stopping his takedown. He’s just gonna be throwing dudes around, they’re not gonna know what that f--k to do."

Watch this guy in action:

Rogan also said he will need to work on his striking, but that shouldn't take that long.

"It’s like he’s trying to grab people as he’s punching them," said Rogan. “He's such a big f---ing gorilla though, he could just haymaker on you. He’s definitely gotta work on his kicks too but hey, man, he’s a super athlete … He probably could get better in a month."


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