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Ken Shamrock, one of the UFC's pioneers and an icon of the sport, will have his Texas fight license revoked after failing an in-competition drug test for his fight with Royce Gracie.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has also fined him $2,500 after he tested positive for steroids in February, according to MMA Fighting.

Shamrock's star has fallen in recent years, despite a career in which he became one of the sport's biggest stars, enjoying mainstream success few fighters in MMA have ever enjoyed. Shamrock had wars with iconic fighters such as Tito Ortiz and Dan Severn. Shamrock also competed in the WWE for a while, although he never won the WWE championship.

At 52, however, he still fights, despite holding a 2-7 record over the past decade, including losses to Gracie and Kimbo Slice in the last year. His overall record stands at 28-17-2.

Shamrock won't be able to re-apply for a Texas license until March 4, 2017, and other states will likely uphold this suspension as well.

Shamrock tested positive for nandrolone and methadone after his Bellator 149 fight against Gracie in February. Shamrock's testosterone-to epitestosterone ratio was 12.4:1. Anything above 4:1 is prohibited in Texas and under the WADA code.

Shamrock maintains that the positive test was a result of a doctor's prescriptions.

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