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If you hadn't heard the news already, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was pretty upset over a few of his male co-stars acting like divas on the set of Fast 8. There's been speculation that one of the "candy asses" he was referring to in his Instagram post was series veteran Vin Diesel, although it appears that the two have since settled their differences.

Still, it's pretty amazing that anyone would ever dare get on The Rock's bad side, considering he's got an Adonis physique and a bona fide athletic background to back it up. There's a reason why he keeps landing roles as gods like Hercules and Black Adam.

Just you hit your head and needed a reminder, here are five reasons why it's never a good idea to pick fight the WWE legend.

1. Have you seen the man?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that The Rock is one bad dude. Who in their right mind would ever think it's a good idea to challenge a man with those kind of biceps?

Sure, he was pretty scary back in the day as both a football player and a former WWE champion. However, he's taken his physical fitness to another level since becoming a giant Hollywood star.

2. He does this to people on a regular basis.

In case you've forgotten, The Rock made a career out of handing out People's elbows to unfortunate victims in the ring.

Unless you've got some world class wrestling skills, it's probably a good idea not to throw down with the WWE legend.

3. He can also tear you apart with just his words.

Getting slammed by The Rock would definitely be an awful time. However, receiving a verbal beatdown from the man may be an even more humiliating experience.

The Rock just has a way with words and knows how to clown people who get on his nerves. Best course of action is to not talk smack to the action movie star.

4. Some pretty awesome fighters have his back.

If you pick a fight with The Rock, you're not just messing with him, but his entire entourage of baller, badass combat sports stars.

From UFC fighters like Ronda Rousey to pretty much the entire WWE roster, there's a legion of killers who've got The Rock's back. You've been warned.

5. But seriously, look at him...

It really shouldn't take an explainer to show why you shouldn't pick a fight with The Rock. He's got boulders for fists, muscles made out of steel, and towers over people like a giant oak tree.

Word from the wise: don't be a candy ass and mess this man.

Would you ever challenge The Rock? Let us know in the comments below.


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