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Josh Molina

Conor McGregor says he would have been a two-time champion had things played out the way they were supposed to before the ill-fated Nate Diaz fight.

During the UFC 202 conference call, McGregor said he would have walked right through Rafael Dos Anjos.

“Realistically, I should be a two-weight UFC world champion. If I fought Rafael dos Anjos, if he didn’t (expletive) out of that last one and showed up, the shots I cracked Nate in the first eight minutes of that fight would have KO’d Rafael dos Anjos stiff. That’s no question," McGregor said, as transcribed by “I would be sitting here right now as a two-weight champion, but I don’t dwell on that,”

Instead, Dos Anjos pulled out of the fight, Nate Diaz stepped in, and ended up tapping out the champion in the second round.

Things have gone down hill for McGregor since. He abruptly announced his retirement after refusing to do media to promote a rematch with Diaz at UFC 200. Dana White pulled him from the fight, a move that cost McGregor millions of dollars. Now he will step back into the cage against Diaz at UFC 202, in a fight where people are wondering what will be different.

Recently McGregor went on the attack against professional wrestlers, calling them "p******" and other insults.


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