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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Luke Hobbs has quickly become many fans' favorite Fast & Furious character. After debuting in Fast Five, he's had a big role in both installments since then, and by the looks of it, he'll be an integral piece of the next one as well.

Johnson has already teased a look at an epic prison breakout scene before, and today, he announced that he's heading into his final week of shooting on the movie. He celebrated the milestone with the Fast & Furious stunt team, thanking them as his "ohana," before jumping into an epic war chant led by stunt coordinator JJ Perry.

"My FINAL WEEK of shooting Fast & Furious," Johnson wrote on Facebook. "There's no greatness ever achieved alone.. it's always a team effort. We promised an epic prison break out for you guys and we delivered. HUGE THANK YOU to my ohana (family) stunt coordinator JJ Perry and his bad ass fearless stunt team - as well as my cousin and incredible stunt double Tanoai Reed. Thank you team for the willingness to "die hard" and drop your blood & sweat daily for our movie."

Johnson has teased Hobbs' role in the movie a couple of times before.

"When you strip a man of all he has ... you force him to return to his roots ... and sometimes that's a very dangerous and twisted place," he wrote on Instagram when he began shooting the movie, about three months ago.

He also revealed an early look at a scene of him coaching his daughter's soccer game, including an adorably awesome Haka dance.

Vin Diesel meanwhile has been doing some celebrating of his own, posting an awesome teaser of the stunt choreography in the movie to mark the halfway point in production.

Fast 8 is out on April 14, 2017.


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