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'Ivan Drago' is coming to break the Green Arrow on the next season of the CW series.

According to Entertainment Weekly, action movie legend Dolph Lundgren has been cast as a new villain on season five of Arrow. The Rocky IV star will reportedly play a big bad during Oliver Queen's flashback scenes, which will explain the billionaire-turned-vigilante's time in Russia.

Executive producer Wendy Mericle told EW that Lundgren will play a character named Kovar, who was briefly mentioned by name last season.

"We are going to bring him in and he’s going to be this super big badass guy who works for the Russian government, and is not a friend of Oliver or the Bratva," Mericle said.

Always the active social media user, actor Stephen Amell took to Twitter to express his excitement over getting a chance to step into the superhero ring opposite Lundgren.

It will be interesting to see how Lundgren's character will be fleshed out, and if he will make an appearance in the present day scenes.

DC Comics' history does have a superhero called Red Star, whose real name is Leonid Kovar. This government-backed, Russian good guy gained powers like super-strength and pyrokinesis thanks to be exposed to the energy given off by a crashed spaceship.

It's probably unlikely that Lundgren will be playing Red Star since the comic book version of the character is much younger, and is also not a villain. That said, the CW series often tinkers with backstories when adapting to the small screen, so he could end up being anyone from the father of a future Red Star to an older, grittier version of the character. Lundgren could even just be playing a generic Russian bad guy named Kovar with no connection to the comics, so who knows.

No matter how the villain turns out, there needs to be a scene where Green Arrow shoots a boxing glove arrow, hitting the former Ivan Drago in the face like this:

Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

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