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Amy Kaplan

This footage is hard to watch.

The woman who is regarded as the best pound for pound female fighter in the world was brought to tears during her most recent UFC weight cut.

Most have never seen her so vulnerable or helpless. This is a side of the MMA powerhouse not often shown.

Cris "Cyborg" Justino made her UFC debut after more than 10 years in the sport (undefeated no less) and had to make the already strenuous cut from 145 to 140 pounds.

Justino was in the process of filming a documentary when the fight was booked and in this preview she is seen training, cutting weight and celebrating her win.

Most fans will remember this iconic image of Justino, raising her finger to the sky giving thanks to God for getting her through another cut.

The Invicta featherweight champion is often criticized for not going down to 135 pounds, but it's clear by these images that any further than 140 could be detrimental to her heath.

Justino is set to make a return to the octagon at UFC Fight Night Brasilia, Brazil when she makes her first UFC headlining appearance. She is rumored to be fighting at 140 pounds again.


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