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Josh Molina

Wow, Roman Reigns has more personality than we thought. The guy actually said some funny stuff in a recent interview, daring Conor McGregor to enter his locker room.

Reigns came across as cool and not really threatened by McGregor, who recently referred to professional wrestlers as "p*****s."

"It's just a silly thing," Reigns said on the Mai Morning interview . "We have nothing to do with him."

Reigns, the three-time WWE champion who has been endlessly pushed by the WWE, only to receiver regular boos from the crowd, said if McGregor didn't exist, "it wouldn't change anything with my world at all."

Reigns threw shade at the 28-year-old MMA fighter, saying that the problem with this generation is that, "everybody learns how to run their mouth before they can defend it."

Speculation is running rampant about whether McGregor is trying to get professional wrestling fans to tune into UFC 202, or whether the WWE and McGregor are secretly setting up some type of angle for Wrestlemania.

For now, the two are just throwing jabs.

"You can come up in my locker room if you want," Reigns said. "Aint no telling if you are gonna leave though."

Believe That.


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