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One of the first things on Ronda Rousey's resume is that she won the bronze medal in judo at the 2008 Olympic Games. At the time, no American woman had ever medaled in the event before, making it a massive accomplishment.

Kayla Harrison added to that legacy by becoming the first American, man or woman, to win gold in judo at the 2012 Summer Games in London. However, that was not enough for Harrison as she became the ninth person and fourth women to ever win the event in the same weight class at back-to-back Olympics.

Harrison had a stellar run in the Olympics, without conceding a single point in any of her matches. She also secured each win by ippon, rather than having the match run to time. She won her final bout via armbar submission. It is truly one of the more dominant runs we have seen at these Olympic Games.

Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports
Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports

Harrison is adding to the already impressive medal count for Team USA. At the time of this article, the United States leads all countries with 33 total medals and 12 gold medals.

If Harrison decides to compete for the 2020 Olympics, she would be 30 years old, which is by no means a stretch to compete at the Games. She would also be seeking to become the second person, and first woman, to win the gold medal in judo in the same weight class in three consecutive Olympics.

Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports
Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports

But that is something that she does not have to worry about for some time. For now, she should focus on celebrating this incredible run and the fact that she brought great pride to her country. And who knows, maybe like Rousey, Harrison can transition into a very successful MMA career.


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