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Amy Kaplan

Bec Rawlings dropped a hilarious bomb this week when she joked to in an exclusive interview that Nate Diaz was smoking weed just days before his fight with Conor McGregor.

"He was in Cabo smoking weed like a week before he took that fight," Rawlings laughed. "And he still got choked out."

Rawling's says she's picking Diaz again for the rematch too.

"Diaz with a full camp, he's got it hands down," she said.

Rawlings, who met with us at Alliance Training Center in San Diego, CA, was busy getting ready for her bout with Paige VanZant later this month and she says that she's ok with being considered the villain in this fight.

"I think the villain role just comes hand and hand with me," she said. "I'm not always the perfect little princess that some of the girls are on camera."

Who could she be referring to??

Oh, that's right...

"It's no secret I'm fighting America's sweetheart," she said laughing. "So I guess it's cool. I don't mind being a villain especially in this kind of fight."

Rawlings will face VanZant at UFC on Fox Vancouver, BC on August 27.


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