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Sure, Hulk Hogan is no Sean Connery. He's probably never going to win an Academy Award or teach a master's acting class. But come on, he's a pretty good actor ... in his own way.

The former WWE champion starred in some real movie gems in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They might not have all been major blockbusters, but they were often good family fun that undoubtedly made some kids laugh.

Hulkamania back in the day was as special as apple pie. It was true, blue Americana. So even though Hulk's star has fallen in more recent years, he still deserves credit for being a pro wrestling pioneer, and paving the way for guys like The Rock, John Cena and Bautista.

As Hogan turns 63, let's take a look at some of Hogan's finest moments on the big screen.

5. Little Hercules in 3-D

Hulk Hogan movies were a little bit like Elvis Presley's. The talent was there, but he never got the right script. Little Hercules in 3-D featured Hogan as Zeus, sharing the big screen with his children, Nick and Brooke Hogan.

The story follows "Little Hercules," who was sent down from Mt. Olympus by Hogan's character Zeus to live life as a mortal. Unfortunately even that storyline sounds a lot better than most of the WCW booking in the late 1990s.

4. Suburban Commando

In this sci-fi adventure, Hogan's character Shep Ramsey is an interstellar hero who is sent to Earth to save the world.

This movie was originally supposed to star Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he opted to take the movie Twins. What was he thinking? He would have looked great in Hogan's outfit.

3. Mr. Nanny

Once again, it's basically just Hulk Hogan as a whacky character struggling to fit in. This time, he's not from another planet or mountain though, he's from the world of professional wrestling.

Hogan plays a wrestler sent to be a bodyguard for some horrible children; who just so happen to be the kids of a famous inventer being stalked by a rival scientist. A couple of wrestlers make cameo appearances in the film, including Wild Samoan Afai and Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. And don't forget about Sherman Hemsley, aka George Jefferson!

2. Rocky III

Hogan essentially got to play himself in this film, as a brash, cocky professional wrestler. This movie put Hogan on the national mainstream map.

He stood out as the mean "Thunderlips," looking to beat up the iconic Rocky Balboa. Hogan grunted and bodyslammed his way to national fame, used the movie appearance to leverage himself into a deal with the WWF, and made professional wrestling history. Watch Hogan switch from mean wrestler to nice guy right after the match with Rocky. That's some quality acting.

1. No Holds Barred

Once again, Hogan essentially played himself in this film. He was Rip Thomas, the World Wrestling Federation champion. Instead of red and yellow though, he wore blue and white.

Ultimately though, he was more or less the same character as Hulk Hogan in the late 1980s. In the film, a greedy network executive wants to lure Hogan over to wrestle for his network, but Hogan declines, setting up a big fight with the executive's new recruit -- an ex-convict named Zeus.

This movie is really wrestling splendor on the big screen. It's not fine-dining, but it's about the best fast food you could ask for, and Joan Severance as Hogan's love interest is worth the price of admission alone.


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