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Amy Kaplan

Say what?!

Apparently there are rumors circulating of a match-up between Chael Sonnen and Nick Diaz, to take place at UFC 205 in Madison Square Garden.

I know John Cena, that's what I did too.

According to the tweet the bout would be contested at 185 pounds.

Sonnen has been very vocal about trying his luck with the UFC again, but isn't sure he will pass through the new USADA screening. Diaz meanwhile is finally off suspension, but still has a fine to pay before being allowed to fight. That doesn't stop everyone from daydreaming about who he will fight first of course (including me).

Sonnen hasn't fought since his loss to Rashad Evans at UFC 167 back in 2013. Diaz has been on suspension following a drug test for marijuana at UFC 183, where he faced Anderson Silva.

Only time (and USADA) will tell if this fight is ever really going to happen.


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