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After MMA fans held their breath until they were as blue as a Labatt beer label, it looks like Georges St-Pierre is very close to his UFC return. Of course, this is nothing that hasn't been teased before.

However, it seems like everything has reached a tipping point with GSP getting tested again, saying he'd like to fight Michael Bisping and entertaining call-outs by Tyron Woodley. With no shortage of options for the Welterweight legend, there's still always Nick Diaz lurking in the background like that UFC 158 poster.

"It seems to me to like it's Nick Diaz that is running for another shot at me," said GSP to after being asked about his "rough history" with the Diazs. "I wouldn't mind, I'm not afraid of Nick Diaz, I'll tell you. I am telling you right now: If it's what the fans want to see, I'm in."

Even if GSP chooses another fighter for a potentially record-breaking return, St-Pierre made it clear Diaz would still be an option. "I don't care if it's the first, or second, or third. If they want me to fight Nick Diaz it would be my pleasure," GSP said. "I don't mind, I am not afraid of Nick Diaz, I beat him last time, and I'll beat even worse, I'll beat him way worse next time that I'll fight him."

"I beat him last time easily, but I was not happy - It's one of these fights that I'm not happy with. Because I didn't feel like I gave enough, for different reasons. It left me angry that fight, when I look back at it - maybe I won, but for some reason it left me angry and I feel like I could have done so much better."

Why was GSP disappointed with the Diaz fight? Was the reason GSP felt he didn't perform his best bad watermelon juice as per John Danaher? Either way a rematch with the original Stockton soldier would be huge.


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