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If anyone doubted the seriousness of Georges St-Pierre's intended return to the UFC, this should put those doubts to rest. The former welterweight champ has confirmed that he has begun the process to return to the Octagon.

When a retired fighter decides to make a comeback, he is generally required to submit to four months of USADA testing before returning to active competition. This requirement was waived by the UFC for Brock Lesnar because they wanted him at UFC 200 and there wasn't enough time. St-Pierre however is more than happy to go through the proper channels.

"[Lesnar] had a free pass, I think it was an exemption of a month or something like that," St-Pierre said to "But me, I don't want to be an exception, because I was very outspoken about Performance Enhancing Drugs. It would be bad for my reputation if I would have an exemption - I don't want to have a free pass, I want to be like everybody else."

As exciting as this is, we have to be careful not to get too ahead of ourselves.

"I don't have any fight yet, but it's gonna happen now, because I'm getting tested, if I'm getting tested it's for a reason," he added.

And while we're on the subject of tests (and Brock Lesnar)...

"Sometimes I feel the results of [USADA's] testing came a little bit late," St-Pierre said. "And I think it's unfortunate and it should not happen. I have not studied the situation, but sometimes I'm under the impression some of the fights happen that they shouldn't happen because a guy's cheating."

He also said the punishment for testing positive should be more strict.

"I think when something like this happen they should have not only a suspension but also monetary wise enforce a penalty," he said. "Maybe take the purse of the fighter to the other fighter."

St-Pierre left MMA on a 12 fight win streak, with a 25-2 professional record. He is currently tied with Michael Bisping for the most UFC wins.

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