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Maybe Mark Hunt may finally have an ally in his fight against the UFC.

Lichten and Bright, a law firm based out of New York, is currently reaching out to MMA fighters to see whether they would be interested in forming a fighter's association or union.

“They’re being terribly exploited,” Daniel Bright of Lichten and Bright told MMAjunkie.

There is no organization of fighters currently in place in the UFC. It has been reported that fighters get roughly a 10 percent cut of the profits made by the UFC, much lower than athletes in other sports leagues make. Leagues like the National Basketball Association give their players over 50 percent of the revenue share, with the rest going to the league and team owners. This is due to a collective bargaining agreement made between the NBA and the NBPA.

If UFC fighters were to get an agreement in the area of 50 percent revenue share, the payout would be massive for the lesser paid fighters. The attorneys at Lichten and Bright claim that if they were to get that 50 percent revenue share, the fighters would earn average purses of $500,000. And with most fighters competing at least twice a year, that would make most of the UFC roster millionaires.

There are plenty of logistics that still need to be worked out. First and foremost, Lichten and Bright need to determine if there is significant interest from the fighters to unionize. The plan is not going to work if only a handful of fighters jump on board.

We will have to wait and see if anything develops in the long run for a fighters' association, but one thing is for sure. This is something that might finally make Hunt less angry.

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