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Justin Golightly

Just like a clever left hook, or a faceless creature that bursts through a wall, Stranger Things came out of nowhere and took over our reality. A portal opened, people binge watched this visual love letter to '80s horror movies, word-of-mouth grew out along with the alien kudzu ... and now the world demands more.

One of the breakout stars of the show is Millie Bobby Brown, but you may know her as the Eggo-eating, government experiment with Professor X powers named 'Eleven'.

While Netflix chief executive Reed Hasting has admitted to The Guardian that, “we would be dumb not to” do a second season, nothing has been confirmed yet. However, by the looks of her Instagram it seems like Brown is training for something.

Whether it be more Demogorgons, or "bad men" from Hawkins Power and Light, Brown looks ready to conquer anything from the "Upside Down" to the right-side up.


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