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Dave Rispoli

In an exclusive interview with, the current bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz hinted that we may see him making the transition from analyst to commentator, and it may be happening much sooner than we would think.

"Who says it takes a year," Cruz said, when asked if he might take over for current commentator Joe Rogan. "If I'm as good at the job as you say I am then I might be able to be in there earlier than that."

Cue jaw drop.

Rogan signed a new one-year deal with the company, despite saying he'd leave if the company was sold, but with Cruz waiting in the wings who knows what could happen.

While Cruz was recovering from ACL surgery, he decided to keep his mind sharp by throwing on a headset and breaking down fights, quickly becoming one of FOX's top UFC analysts.

It's no wonder how he quickly became a fan favorite behind the desk, as he is arguably one of the greatest minds in the sport. Much like anything Cruz does, he obsesses over it and strives for perfection ... and apparently the UFC has taken notice.


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