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Nate Diaz has been tested by USADA more times than Conor McGregor this year.

Well that's an interesting turn of events now isn't it?

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz are gearing up for their highly anticipated rematch at UFC 202, and McGregor has been doing a lot talking.

"It's his teammates that have been caught before," McGregor said of his opponent during the UFC 202 media call. "I just hope that he's being tested as much as I'm being tested. I am happy to be tested. I never kick up a fuss. I never do [a Jose] Aldo and throw the piss over my shoulder and ring the police like he done in Brazil. I welcome them in, I do the test and on they go and then that's it. It's a good thing for the sport, that's all I know."

The thing is... Diaz has been tested a total of seven times in 2016 (as of August 3, the last time the USADA database was updated) McGregor has only been tested six times.

Overall, McGregor has been tested more (since the UFC joined forces with USADA in 2015) with a whopping 14 tests (Diaz with nine) but this year alone Diaz is ahead.

The pair are bracing for their rematch at UFC 202 in under two weeks time.

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