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The sound of fans chanting, "CM Punk, CM Punk, CM Punk," is what you hear at the very end of a CM Punk documentary trailer that's just been released.

It reminds us that this guy is super popular among professional wrestling fans, and one of the major reasons why Punk is being allowed to make his professional mixed martial arts debut in the UFC.

Punk, as we all know, became disillusioned with professional wrestling and walked out on the company ... only to sign with the UFC nearly two years ago. He has been training ever since.

The documentary trailer though, is not quite as convincing as one of his wrestling matches with Ryback. About 35 seconds into it, Punk says this, while driving on a snow-lined road reminiscent of the movie Fargo:

"Why can't I? I can try this?"

Later he adds, "It might not work out."

Then, toward the end, he says, "This is their world; I am just getting started in it."

The Evolution of Punk trailer seems to accomplish one thing: It lowers the expectations for CM Punk's success in the Octagon.

It's almost as if we're supposed to watch and say, "hey, cool, this guy is trying something new and let's watch him and see how he does, and props to him for trying."

Mickey Gall isn't likely to lose any sleep over this documentary.

But Punk, being a master professional wrestler, and a master of fight psychology, may be just trying to psyche us all out. He's probably not gonna come out Conor McGregor style, talking smack, only to get tapped out quickly.

Maybe he's leaving some of his story to be told once he actually steps inside the cage.

Other highlights of the trailer include AJ Brooks (former WWE wrestler AJ Lee), and Brooks' dog licking CM punk. There's also some still photos of Punk beating up, curiously, Randy Orton, who will wrestle Brock Lesnar at Summerslam, and The Miz.

There's also lots of Punk gazing out in the middle of nowhere, clearly reflecting, looking forward or wondering what he is doing these days.

Punk is going to pop big PPV numbers when he fights at UFC 203. And if he somehow wins, forget Conor McGregor. There will be a new king of PPV in the UFC because Punk's humble attitude is likely to shift.


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