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Jack Sullivan

The MMA world has been waiting to hear any concrete news regarding whether former UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey will ever return to the Octagon. Though she has seemed adamant about coming back to the sport in recent weeks, there have been no concrete steps to get her to fight again.

However, there may now be something in the works that will get one of the most recognized MMA fighters competing again.

Ariel Helwani tweeted out that a game plan is in place to have Rousey return by the within the next six months or so, with all things going perfectly, a possible fight at UFC 202.

Helwani, one of the most respected journalists in MMA, has had a track record for being right when it comes to breaking news. His actions even led to a temporary suspension from UFC events after he broke that Brock Lesnar would return for UFC 200.

The UFC has not confirmed a return date for Rousey yet, but Dana White has stated that she will get an immediate title shot when she returns.

Rousey has not fought since November 2015 when she lost her first professional MMA fight against Holly Holm. Prior to that, she was 12-0 and was on a six-fight win streak in the UFC, all of them being title fights. She was considered one of the most dominant athletes on the planet.

Though Rousey can be a divisive fighter, love her or hate her you know you want to watch when she steps back in the Octagon. She is one of the biggest draws in MMA and would potentially bring some stability back to the 135-pound division. No champion of the division has defended her belt since Rousey lost in. In fact, UFC champions are not doing well as a whole, going 5-9 since Rousey lost her belt. 2016 alone has seen seven new champions. Rousey returning to headline 205 might be one of the biggest stories in MMA this year, so stay tuned for updates on the matter.


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