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Say hello to The Bad Guy.

Chael Sonnen, at one time the sport's biggest PPV draw, is looking to return to the UFC. Why not? Jon Jones is out of the picture. Anderson Silva is not his old self. And Sonnen holds a victory over the middleweight champion.

Sonnen has entered the pool for United States Anti-Doping Association testing, according to Fox Sports.

"He asked to be enrolled in the registered testing pool as he is contemplating a return to competition," UFC officials told FOX Sports about Sonnen.

Sonnen is 3-3 in his past three fights, with victories over Bisping, Brian Stann and Shogun Rua. He was TKO'd by Jon Jones, Rashad Evans and Anderson Silva.

But Sonnen is a guy who has proved that he can be competitive with just about anyone and is a threat to anyone on the ground.

Sonnen may be looking around and seeing the title change hands liberally since Silva lost the belt, and may be thinking he could win the title.

Sonnen rose to mainstream fame in the buildup to his first fight with Silva, which he was winning before he was tapped out in the fifth round by triangle choke. He berated Silva and brought mainstream attention to the sport. His microphone skills are arguably the best in the business.

He has worked as an analyst since he was suspended for two years for failing drug tests.


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