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We should have seen this one coming. Tim Tebow, the once-promising, rising star of the NFL who was sabotaged by John Elway's zeal for winning a Super Bowl, not to mention a slightly askew deep pass, now wants to play baseball in the major leagues.

You go, Tebow. If anyone can do it, it is you, the patron saint of all things noble.

But why stop there? Why can't the walking marketing machine do one better than Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson? Heck if Herschel Walker can win an MMA fight, we're pretty sure Tebow can also. Even with USADA testing.

Several reasons exist why Tebow should join the UFC.

He could be the sport's best ambassador ever

Had Tim Tebow been on the case to legalize MMA in New York, we would have been watching UFC fights there when Jon Jones and Ronda Rousey were in their primes. Tebow just makes people smile. Who doubts what this man says?

UFC needs a hero

Jon Jones is gone. Brock Lesnar will likely be gone soon. Conor McGregor tends to offend as many people as he entertains. The sports needs a nice guy, who is going to triumph over USADA, leave it all in the cage, and fluster his opponents with his lefty stance. Tebow would carry MMA into the mainstream on his back. He'd be running the in two years.

The dream match possibilities

Clearly, Tim Tebow would fight at heavyweight. And dominate. Give him a camp with Duke Roufus and we're sure he'd be ready to headline or at least be the first match on a PPV. Tebow vs. Cain Velasquez? Wow. Book the match in Mexico City and watch Tebow impress more than any touchdown could.

What about Tebow vs. Mark Hunt? Hunt surely can't complain about Tebow cheating. Tebow is a well-reputed straight-edged good boy. What would Hunt's excuse be if Tebow rode him for three rounds?

Heck, maybe even he could get weight and fight Daniel Cormer or DC can move up for a dream fight, in a battle of self-righteous babyfaces doing the right thing for the sport. We expect DC to still get booed.

Most watched weigh-ins ever

You can bet that a Tim Tebow weigh-in could probably be moved to PPV. Tebow may not want to strip down for Jockey ads, but he'll have to on the big stage to make weight. That's like printing ratings and PPV gold. The ladies may love Cool J, but they love Tebow a lot more.

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