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If you've seen the first trailer for Marvel's Luke Cage series on Netflix, then you probably already know that the Hero for Hire is a badass in every sense of the word.

While his bulletproof skin and superhuman strength are pretty awesome superpowers to have when facing off against bad guys in the mean streets of Harlem, Cage's best skill didn't come from a super-soldier experiment. The New York-based hero's most important power is actually his confidence.

Considering that the MCU is filled to the brim with superheroes and villains with extraordinary abilities, the citizens of this universe are probably over being shocked by people with enhanced skills. Seeing a guy who can lift a car probably induces yawns in a world where hulking green giants fight aliens from other galaxies on a regular basis.

So how can a vigilante strike fear in the hearts of men without having to rely on his powers? That's where the confidence comes in.

Similar to UFC stars like Anderson Silva or Conor McGregor, Cage's best skill is being able to intimidate his foes with just a look or with his reputation. He tries to win the mental game first, which makes winning actual fights that much easier.

Cage, like a Silva or McGregor, creates a mystique of invincibility that makes his enemies quake in their boots from a mere thought. If their dumb enough to still want to engage in a brawl, then he obliges by unleashing his fury.

Knowing or seeing Cage's amazing powers isn't enough for some enemies to be intimidated. However, knowing that Cage knows he can clean out a room full of bad guys is a completely different story.

A great example of this is Cage's awesome bar fight scene in Jessica Jones.

Like a champion conducting his business in a cage, the soon-to-be Defender keeps calm and let's the gang of hoodlums attack without breaking a sweat. After absorbing the blows and taking absolutely no damage, Cage brushes off his shoulders and finishes the crew off.

While the first few opponents are either too stupid or too drunk to not realize the hero's enhanced abilities, the final flock of foes should've learned after seeing their friends get beaten up that you shouldn't mess with Cage.

In this instance, Power Man is using his confidence not just as an intimidation tool, but also as a fake out. He goads some of his enemies into battle by not flinching or reacting to their threats, which causes them to succumb to their pride and attack—only to receive the worst ass-whooping of their lives in return.

This strategy is employed all the time by UFC fighters like Nate Diaz. They make their enemies think they have a shot by acting overly confident, which forces their opponents to want to prove themselves by forcing the action. This plays right into their game because mistaking confidence for cockiness has dire consequences in a fight.

Unlike MMA fighters who may get too overconfident with their skills, only to suffer unexpected, brutal defeats, Cage has the superpowers to back up his fight swag. There are very few people in the MCU, bad guys especially, who can take him on.

Hopefully Cage keeps his confidence as he finds himself in more evenly-matched face offs, because that's what makes him one of the coolest and most intimidating heroes on Marvel's roster.

What do you think is Luke Cage's best super power? Let us know in the comments below.


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