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Amy Kaplan

As a Conor McGregor fan I like to block this fight out of my mind, but as a bigger MMA fan, I know how significant and meaningful this fight really is.

The drama all started when McGregor, who had just obtained the featherweight belt after knocking out the previously undefeated Jose Aldo (in 14 seconds no less), wanted his shot at the lightweight belt too.

Fan were up in arms. Most people felt he should defend the featherweight belt first. Never the less, Dana White agreed to the match between McGregor and then lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos.

But that fight never happened...

Dos Anjos injured his foot and was removed from the bout just a few weeks before the scheduled fight.

But McGregor still wanted to fight (anyone) so they found Nate Diaz.

The thing is Diaz was well over the 155 limit and too far from being able to cut before the fight since it was short notice. So a 170 bout was agreed upon.


McGregor went from 145 to 170, and faced Diaz who dominated the Irish star in the second round and finished him with a rear-naked choke.

This was McGregor's first loss in the UFC and his first loss since 2010.

Of course, that couldn't be the end of it, and a rematch was announced.

A whole bunch of drama, including a fake retirement and a rant on the MMA Hour and the bout was cancelled, then rebooked.

And here we are. Just weeks away from the rematch that will (hopefully) put an end to this madness and see McGregor return to his 145 belt.

In the meantime, watch the fight that started it all.


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