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Josh Molina

CM Punk fans, the time is near. It's almost clobbering time.

A new documentary exposing CM Punk's journey to UFC 203 is almost here:

Because every MMA fighter making his debut gets a documentary made about him.

Sarcasm aside, Punk is not your average MMA fighter. He's a former WWE superstar with huge name recognition. The UFC, recognizing his star power, signed him to contract and after nearly two years of waiting, Punk will debut at UFC 203 against Mickey Gall.

Most observers don't believe Punk stands much of a chance, but Punk is determined to prove the haters wrong. Punk is a notoriously strange dude: He's straight-edged, vegetarian, and an atheist. He walked out on the WWE while making more than $1 million a year. Punk was tired of the politics. He wanted to main event Wrestlemania, but instead was given a mid-card match against The Undertaker. He also turned down a Wrestlemania match against Triple H.

In short, Punk walked out of the WWE at the height of his career to pursue his UFC dreams.

Can he win? We'll find out. The documentary will help us believe he can.


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