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Matt Juul

A new film about mixed martial arts is set to hit theaters this weekend, but it's not your typical fight tale.

A far cry from past MMA classics like Tom Hardy's Warrior or Kevin James' comedy Here Comes the Boom, The Fight Within is a sports drama that features plenty of cage-fighting action mixed with a heavy dose of religion.

Newcomer John Major Davis stars as Logan Chandler, the protagonist and rising MMA star who questions his faith following the death of his father, a former champion, who is fatally injured during training. The dad is played by none other than UFC Hall of Famer Dan Severn.

Check out the first trailer below.

Mixing religion and bare-knuckle beatdowns isn't exactly a new concept, as the subject was previously tackled in Fight Church, the 2014 documentary about real life churches and religious figures who condone cage fighting. The film was helmed by Academy Award-winning director Daniel Junge as well as director Bryan Storkel, and also featured appearances by former UFC champs Jon Jones and Benson Henderson.

The Fight Within is a fictitious take on the convergence of faith and fighting, although its filmmakers hoped to keep the action sequences grounded and realistic.

"We fully expect some fans to see it just for the fight realism," screenwriter, producer, and ordained minister Jim Davis told the Christian Post. "For authentic action, we've had viewers rank it far above a certain more well-known cage-fight movie."

Directed by Michael William Gordon, The Fight Within hits theaters on August 12.


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