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When the UFC went to Salt Lake City this past weekend, fans were expecting an insane knockout from two of the most creative featherweights. Unfortunately, we were left with a decision as none of the spinning back fists or cartwheel kicks that Yair Rodriguez or Alex Caceres threw landed with any significant force.

There is something about a great knockout that sends the crowd into a frenzy. Seeing someone drop to the mat and their opponent walk away with pride is one of the more memorable moments that can happen in the Octagon. While we didn't get a highlight knockout from the main event this past weekend, the UFC is full of great knockouts.

Here are some of the greatest knockouts, for both impact and sheer awesomeness, ever in the UFC.

1. Conor McGregor v Jose Aldo, UFC 194

Though this wasn't the most vicious knockouts in the history of the sport, it was definitely one of the more impressive ones. McGregor could have been all hype coming into this fight. If Aldo won, it would have seriously put doubt into MMA fans' minds about whether he was the real deal or not. However, McGregor picked his shot and finished the fight in only 13 seconds to win the Featherweight Championship.

This is the fastest finish in a title fight in the history of the UFC, barely edging out Ronda Rousey. It was Aldo's first loss in over a decade and to lose in that fashion was just devastating. That is what earns McGregor a spot on this list.

2. Dan Henderson v Michael Bisping, UFC 100

This may be one of the most savage knockouts in the history of MMA. Henderson fully loaded up with his right hand and swung for Bisping's chin. Bisping fell hard to the canvas and Henderson followed it up with a flying elbow before the ref could step in. Very few people have gone down as hard and as fast as Bisping did that night.

Though people had known about Henderson's power before that, I believe that is where the legend of the H-Bomb was truly born and immortalized. The fact that this knockout alone earned Henderson a title shot seven years later is enough to give it a spot on this countdown.

3. Anderson Silva v Vitor Belfort, UFC 126

There is a reason that Champions uses this fight for its banner on social media. It is one of the most memorable and most impressive knockouts ever seen in the Octagon. There was a period of time where Silva seemed untouchable in the sport. To test him, the UFC put him against his fellow countrymen Belfort for the belt.

However, just like all of the Spider's other opponents, Belfort could not withstand the barrage of attacks and went down to the most beautiful front kick ever seen in the sport. This fight further cemented the legacy of Anderson Silva as the GOAT and one of the most dangerous men on the planet.

4. Matt Serra v Georges St-Pierre, UFC 69

This is another one of those knockouts that made the list for what it meant to the sport, rather than the very nature of the knockout. GSP was priming himself to be one of the best champions of all-time.

The UFC came up with a gimmick for The Ultimate Fighter that the winner of season 5 would get to fight GSP for the title. No one expected anything of Serra, and he came out and shocked the world. It seemed as though GSP didn't have his feet under him for over a minute and Serra kept taking calculated shots at him, eventually dropping the champion.

Though you could put Rousey losing to Holly Holm on this list for the same reason, Holm is a world-champion boxer and kickboxer. If she was going to beat Rousey, it was going to be exactly how she did it. No one expected Serra to have any chance in his fight, and that's why he makes the list.

5. Yves Edwards v Josh Thomson, UFC 49

The oldest fight on this list, Edwards looked really good throughout his fight with Thomson. The two eventually got tangled up and Edwards took Thomson to the ground. As Thomson tried to get up, Edwards still had his back. When the two separated, Thomson tried to throw a spinning back fist and Edwards went for a flying head kick. Thomson missed. Edwards didn't.

Thomson fell to the ground and after Edwards followed up with some punches, the fight was over. The fact that both men were going for the knockout with moves rarely seen in the Octagon made this an exciting finish to the fight.

6. Rashad Evans v Chuck Liddell, UFC 88

Liddell made his career on knocking people out with his devastating power. He even had the ability to take people out while moving backwards. But this time around, it was the young gun Evans who had his number. The two were having a stand up fight with both trading blows throughout the first round. Evans was getting the better of Liddell, but both were making for an entertaining fight.

In the second round, Liddell was backing Evans to the cage and not giving him much room to work with. But if you don't give someone many options, they are going to try and fight their way back to the center of the Octagon. Evans' right hand connected solidly to Liddell's chin and he went down, and stayed down for a long time.

This won Knockout of the Year and set Evans up for a title shot against Forrest Griffin, easily making this one of the best knockouts ever in the sport.

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