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Lyoto Machida is a UFC legend, but he's not the only fighter in the family. His brother, Chinzo Machida, has been signed to Bellator and will make his debut on August 26.

Machida's bout will take place on the Bellator 160 prelims in the featherweight division. He'll be competing at a much lower weight than his older brother, who fought at middleweight and light heavyweight. Lyoto also of course held the 205 pound championship.

Oddly enough, Chinzo Machida has been signed since December 2014, but his first fight is only now taking place this month. Machida is set to face Mario Navarro on the Anaheim, California card.

Like his famous brother, Chinzo's competition karate style will be on show in the bout. He has a very sudden style, rushing in and hopping back out of range before taking any damage.

In order to compete with the UFC, Bellator is clearly trying to make unique signings and match-ups. Although fans are sometimes critical of Bellator's matchmaking decisions, more MMA can only be a good thing.

Source: MMA Fighting


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