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Amy Kaplan

Is Jacare Souza upset he's been passed over for a title shot again? Maybe so.

Souza has taken to Instagram to taunt the current middleweight champ, Michael Bisping.

Souza was passed over when the UFC booked Bisping to replace an injured Chris Weidman at UFC 199 even though he was technically the next in line. Now that Bisping is champ he's been passed over again- for Dan Henderson.

"I'm looking for to battle. Did anyone see him?" Souza wrote.

The image shows a "squirtle" with Bispings head attached and looking to be caught.

He is of course upset about Bisping's upcoming bout with Henderson, who is only ranked 12 in the division. Souza is ranked third.

It might be frustrating for Souza to constantly being passed over, but the Bisping vs. Hendo rematch is what fans are itching to see, and the time is now.

Looks like Souza needs to wait a little bit longer.

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