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The Stockton Bad Boy Nick Diaz is straight of suspension and he's already talking smack like only he can.

Now he says that he would box professionally again in a heartbeat if someone would buy out his UFC contract.

“You gotta talk to Dana White,” Diaz said, in an interview reported by

“Get one of these guys to buy my contract or something and we can make a run but of course, I’m with the UFC so I can’t. I’m not doing no fights this year unless somebody wants to negotiate something. But otherwise, hey yeah, like I said, these guys buy my contract we’ll be fighting out here all day. Everybody gets paid, we’re happy.”

Listen to Nick Diaz explain it himself.

In the video he also talks about fighting Johny Hendricks. He said Lawler already defeated Hendricks and that it would be no different if he fights him.

"I am going to put the same punches on him, only worse," Diaz said.

Diaz was suspended for 18 months after testing positive for marijuana after his fight with Anderson Silva. Diaz is one of MMA's most outlandish personalities, known for his straight-talk ramblings and ability to promote a fight.

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