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Ryan Matsunaga

Just when you thought The Rock couldn't get any cooler, he's now apparently the most badass soccer dad in the world.

In a new set video for the upcoming Fast and Furious sequel, Dwayne Johnson can be seen participating in a Haka along with his character's daughter and her soccer team.

A Haka is a traditional Polynesian war dance, and while it looks like it's played for comedic effect here, Johnson and the filmmakers still wanted to make sure they weren't being disrespectful of such an important aspect of that culture.

"For our Polynesian culture, the Haka is very meaningful," Dwayne Johnson said. "Layne Hannemann [choreographer on Fast 8] wrote it and then sent it down to New Zealand so it was blessed by our elders."

"My biggest role here was making sure the spiritual aspect was embedded into the people that I was teaching," Hannemann added.

Fast 8 hits theaters on April 14, 2017.


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