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Matt Juul

Boxing legend Roberto Duran knocked Donald Trump out with a verbal one-two punch in a recent video posted on Twitter.

The former world champion participated in a live chat on the social media site along with actor Edgar Ramirez, who plays Duran in the upcoming biopic Hands of Stone. During the discussion, the renowned pugilist called out the Republican presidential nominee over his controversial comments regarding Mexican immigrants.

When asked about who he'd like to fight in the ring today, Duran said he'd gladly throw down with Trump to see if the candidate is willing to stick by his statements.

"Yeah, he said he’d like to step in the ring with Donald Trump, to see how many Latinos he’s going to deport and to see how really strong he really thinks he is,” Duran said in Spanish, which Ramirez translated.

Duran may have the edge in the boxing department, but Trump isn't a complete rookie when it comes to (fake) fighting in a ring.

However, judging by the upcoming movie's trailer, Trump may not want to mess with a legendary boxer like Duran.

Hands of Stone, which also stars Robert De Niro as trainer Ray Arcel and Usher as Sugar Ray Leonard, hits theaters on August 26.

Who do you think wins between Roberto Duran and Donald Trump? Let us know in the comments below.


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