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Suicide Squad fans may be going to war with critics, but who would win in a fight between the characters in DC Comics' latest big screen outing?

Considering all of the gun-toting assassins and magically-enhanced bad guys who show up in this flick, there's a lot of room for debate over which member is the best suited to win an all-out brawl. While these rankings are highly unscientific, everything from weapons to super powers are considered, although just because a character is a metahuman doesn't mean they're the best fighter.

Check out the breakdown below and, of course, spoiler warnings for fans who haven't seen Suicide Squad yet.

13. Slipknot

Poor Slipknot, we hardly knew ye. As you probably already guessed, this super-powerless, rope-loving escape artist doesn't do much in this flick other than serve as a deadly example for the rest of the squad. The only time we get to see him throw down is in a brief sequence where he punches a female guard in the face (classy). So maybe he did deserve to get his head blown up.

12. The Adversary / Incubus

An enemy better suited for the Ghostbusters reboot, this big baddie is a lot of bark and not a whole lot of bite. Isn't magic supposed to give you an edge against non-mystical opponents? This mysterious character appeared to cause a lot of damage to the city with its CGI-powers, but up against the squad, it just couldn't compete.

11. Enchantress

This witch initially seemed like a creepy and fearsome foe for the squad, but ends up being only slightly more powerful than her brother, Incubus. Although the Enchantress has ill-defined powers ranging from teleportation to causing hallucinations, her enhanced fighting skills still couldn't stop the team of bad guys, who took her out with pretty much with just guns and explosions. As a supreme magical being, that's super weak.

10. Amanda Waller

As the ringleader of this psycho killer circus, Waller's no slouch when it comes to the fighting department. Although she likes to keep her hands clean by using her mind and explosive implants to keep everyone in line, she's also not afraid to throw down when necessary. There are a few brief scenes where Waller unleashes a barrage of lead on those getting in her way, and they are fantastic. If only we got to see more of her butt-kicking side.

9. Joker

Between his arsenal of weapons and generally just being a crazy person, the Joker is not someone to be trifled with in Suicide Squad. Having survived a few tussles with Batman, it's clear that the Clown Prince of Crime has the skills to go head-to-head with anyone in the DCEU. However, the Joker doesn't get nearly as much screen time as expected and, overall, keeps the killing to a minimum (well, at least by his standards). He doesn't really square off against the squad in a direct confrontation, so we'll have to wait and see if this iconic villain becomes a deadlier adversary going forward.

8. Katana

We had hoped to see Katana slice and dice her way to becoming the deadliest fighter in the film, however much like the Joker, she doesn't get that much face time. Sure, she cuts up plenty of mind-controlled baddies in the flick, but her skills are never really tested against a worthy opponent (and frankly, everyone has the edge over Enchantress and Incubus). We need to see more of Katana's swordsmanship on display before we can give higher marks as a fighter.

7. Captain Boomerang

The boomerang loving foe of the Flash may be a little over aggressive, but he definitely holds his own in the film. Captain Boomerang's arsenal is both deadly and tactically useful, making him one of the more fearsome fighters on the team.

6. Killer Croc

This crocodile-skinned cannibal gets an edge in the fight department thanks to his metahuman genes, but he doesn't squander them on the big screen. Using his barehands, Killer Croc rips apart his enemies and can sneak up on opponents due to his aquatic affinity. However, his preference for using his primal instinct over setting up a game plan is his big weakness.

5. Rick Flag

A tactician on the battlefield, Rick Flag has the military training to prepare him for any type of fight. What he lacks in super powers he makes up for in pure grit and skill. Off screen, actor Joel Kinnaman sounds like a badass too, so it's probably not a good idea to mess with Rick Flag.

4. Harley Quinn

A fearless psychotic who never backs down from a challenge, the off-the-wall Harley Quinn is a deadly addition to the team. Her unpredictability is actually an asset since her enemies never have an idea as to what sort of stunt she's going to pull off. Harley's also extremely skilled with both guns and melee weapons, which is handy since she's lacking in the super power department as well.

3. El Diablo

Based on his ability to wreak havoc by shooting flames from his body, El Diablo is easily the most powerful character in the film. What holds him back is, of all things, his heart, since the reformed villain is trying to not kill people anymore. Other than the whole flame throwing schtick, he doesn't really show off his hand-to-hand combat skills, although he doesn't really need to. When the gloves are off, there's really no one who can beat El Diablo.

2. Deadshot

Surprisingly, it's the squad members who don't have super powers that ended up being the best all-around fighters. Will Smith's Deadshot is, obviously, great with any gun you put in his hands. He's also solid when it comes to fighting with his fists. Judging by all the bodies that hit the floor thanks to his bullets, Deadshot takes the crown as the best fighter out of all of the squad members. There's just one character who tops them all, though.

1. Batman

Was there really ever any other option for first place? Most of these characters wouldn't be in Belle Reve prison if it weren't for Batman. Sure, he gets extremely little screen time, but he's proved his fighting skills against the DCEU's strongest hero in Superman. At the end of the day, no matter who he's facing, Batman always wins. Period.

Who do you think is the best fighter in Suicide Squad? Let us know in the comments below.


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