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Josh Molina

Forget Brock Lesnar, John Cena and The Rock. We may have a new crossover wrestling superstar on our hands. These are good days for WWE superstar "Rhyno."

Terry “Rhyno” Gerin is enjoying a successful run on Smackdown Live! in the WWE, but he also has enjoyed some success in a different kind of arena: politics.

Rhyno won the Republican primary in the 15th Congressional District in Michigan Tuesday night and will now square off against Democrat Abdullah Hammoud in November. Rhyno vs. Abdullah? What is this, a legends match?

Gerin received 38 percent of the vote. Rhyno wasn't celebrating his victory. Instead he was showcasing his signature move -- the GORE, spearing Heath Slater on Smackdown Live! Rhyno has enjoyed success in the WWE, TNA and ECW.

Rhyno returned to Raw on Tuesday after making sporadic appearances for the WWE and NXT over the past two years.

Rhyno, of course, wouldn't be the first pro wrestler to win office. Jesse "The Body" Ventura is the former governor of Minnesota and even current Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, is a WWE Hall of Former, in the celebrity wing.

Watch Rhyno GORE Slater.


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