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So you want to be a fighter, eh?

Canadian singer-songwriter and avid MMA fan Grimes is apparently considering putting her music career on hold in order to train for the UFC. The recording artist said in an interview with Zane Lowe that she would love to take time off after her current tour so she can pursue her dream of throwing down inside the Octagon.

"I'm just finishing up tour and then I'm going to start training for the UFC," Grimes said. "I would like to spend the next two years training for the UFC. Upon failing that, then I will return to music."

Lowe was pretty astounded by the answer but Grimes claims that she's "dead serious" and just wants a break after touring so much.

"I've been touring and I just really want to go at something else," she said. "I have a lot of energy, I love working out. I am obsessed with the UFC and I just really want to become an elite fighter."

While Grimes would love a shot at one of her MMA idols, she's not confident in her chances of ever stepping foot inside a cage.

"I'm not going to make into the UFC obviously," Grimes said. "I just want to go really, really hard at something totally insane that I've never done before and like, I know it won't work out, but I just want to do it."

Who knows, if CM Punk can get a UFC deal, maybe Grimes can too.

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