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Hey, at least he's honest?

Japanese fighter Teruto Ishihara was preparing for his bout with Horacio Gutierrez at UFC Fight Night Salt Lake City this weekend when he admitted to Yahoo! Sports that he doesn't even like MMA, but does it to get women.

“I don’t like MMA,” Ishihara said. “I don’t like boxing. I don’t like wrestling. I don’t like grappling. I like only [women]. I don’t want to fight. I really don’t. I’m not trying to get fans or be different from anyone else. I don’t want to fight."

Well, that was blunt.

“I do this because it’s the best way I know of to get girls. If you fight, and you get the knockout, you get the girls. That’s my thing, getting the girls,” he said.

I mean... it takes a lot of guts to get into an octagon and beat up someone with the hopes of maybe a cute girl wanting to go out with you. And the thing is... he has to also have talent considering he's made it into the UFC!

“MMA is something I shine in and when I’m fighting is when I look my best,” he said. “I think I’m most attractive to girls when I’m doing this. If I thought I was good at something else that would get the girls to pay attention to me, I’d do that."

Ishihara, who is a member of Urijah Faber’s Team Alpha Male, says he'd never stay with a coach who said he couldn't have sex before a fight.

“I want to experience as many women in the world as I can,” Ishihara said.


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