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John Cena is everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Absolutely Everywhere. In his latest TV appearance, Cena was a guest last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The appearance was notable for a few reasons: He pulled his loud suit apparently out of Vince McMahon's closet; he professes to have a small penis; and he is really funny, like this is a guy destined for his own television sitcom one day.

Colbert asked about Cena's anatomy, claiming it was a question from one of the female producers.

Colbert: Of all the muscles on your body, are all of them as big as . . .

Cena: What the (laughs) . . . If you vacation south of the equator it is going to be a short trip."

Wow. It gets better.

Colbert: Really, really?

Cena: I am not doing any no-handed push-ups anytime soon. I am so glad that in the WWE we wrestle without our shirt and not our pants.

Cena then turned the tables on Colbert and ask him about what's in his pants. Colbert, of course, had no problem responding.

Colbert: "Oh, I have a huge (expletive) penis."

Besides talking about his anatomy, Cena was on the show to promote WWE Summerslam Aug. 21, when Cena will wrestle "The Phenom" AJ Styles.

Later in the show he helped train Colbert to fight the studio "bully," a gag reminiscent of when Hulk Hogan trained Mean Gene Okerlund for a tag team match.

Cena is spending a lot of time away from wrestling these days and more time on television, hosting The Espys, The Teen Choice Awards, and The Today Show.


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