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I grew up in Las Vegas so I have learned to love watching people fight and talking about it.
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Some people have an iconic fight that will have them remembered by MMA fans forever, like when Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin fought for the first TUF title. Other fighters will be remembered because of incredible feats that they performed inside the Octagon, like Anderson Silva's incredible title defense streak.

Both of those reasons are great, but one thing that fans really love fighters for is an iconic fighting style. Fans love when fighters have one devastating move that they can rely on to pull through in difficult fights. Though other fighters may have similar tools, they just can't compare to the fighter who has mastered them. Here are some of the best signature moves in the UFC.

Edson Barboza, Leg Kicks

One only needs to look at Barboza's last win against Gilbert Melendez to see how brutal his leg kicks are. He is able to generate so much power and speed into his kicks that many fighters can no longer stand to face him, literally. While many fighters have incorporated leg kicks into their arsenal, no one does it with as much damage as Barboza.

While most fighters use them to set up knockouts, he has finished three fights due to leg kicks. It is truly a wonder to watch him pick his opponents apart with his kicks.

Dan Henderson, H-Bomb

Everyone throws a right hook. No one throws one like Henderson. Despite having a background in wrestling, Hendo has primarily been known for his power since starting MMA, particularly with his right hand.

Dubbed the "H-Bomb," he is always in a fight because he is one punch away from ending his opponent's night. One of the most memorable knockouts in UFC history came about because of the H-Bomb when Henderson sent Michael Bisping to the canvas out cold. He is vicious when throwing his right hand and no one has been able to mimic his consistent power.

Ronda Rousey, Armbar

With one of the best ground games in the UFC, there was a period of time when it was more fun to bet on how quickly Rousey would win, rather than if she would. One thing that was almost guaranteed was that she would win by armbar.

Her first eight professional fights were finished by armbar and she added another one when she took out Cat Zingano in 14 seconds. This doesn't even include her three armbar finishes in her amateur career, which came all under a minute into the first round. Though she may never return to the Octagon, we can always look back at her time in the UFC and remember her fondly for nearly snapping off women's arms.

Luke Rockhold, Question Mark Kick

While many fighters have begun incorporating question mark kicks into their combinations, Rockhold is simply the best at it. His body style allows him to have tremendous range in the Octagon, and his speed is a major factor in his success. He is able to whip his leg around with tremendous speed and surprise his opponent with a kick to the head.

Even though every fighter knows they have to prepare for the question mark kick, many fall short in dealing with the damage caused by them properly. Though his knee is not at 100 percent, once Rockhold has fully recovered he will be able to unleash his question mark kicks with no problem.

Dominick Cruz, Movement

While many fighters are known for finishing fights in a certain way, Cruz is iconic for how he avoids getting finished. Cruz has worked on his head speed, foot speed and positioning to the point that he can go five rounds with an opponent and come out with relatively little damage. He is so hard to prepare for because no one moves the way that Cruz does.

His movement also allows him to play games with his opponents and fight with his hands down. A cardinal sin for other fighters, Cruz has very little to worry about as he can slip most punches thrown his way. Cruz's movement is what has allowed him to become the bantamweight champion despite his injuries and helped him to his near perfect professional MMA record.


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