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Tyron Woodley shocked many UFC fans when he defeated the now former Welterweight Champion Robbie Lawler to win the belt. However, he is not taking the time to gloat over those who doubted him. Woodley spoke on The Sirius XM Fight Club about how he doesn't worry about people who do not believe in him.

"If you live your life based on what other people think you can do, you are going to have a miserable life. I knew I could do it. I was calm, I was relaxed. ... I have no interest in proving anybody wrong."

He also addressed the fact that haters are going to hate and that you can't win over everybody. Instead, you just have to live your life.

"Nobody will come back and apologize and say 'Hey Tyron, I said you didn't belong. I said you wasn't going to get it. I said you were going to lose. I actually said Robbie was going to knock you out or take you into deep waters and drown you. I'm sorry, you won. You are the welterweight champion and I apologize.'"

However, there was a comfort that came with a lot of people doubting him. He no longer had to answer to the fans' expectations . Instead, he could just be himself, act how he wanted to act and be confident in his ability to perform.

"Knowing that I wasn't going to get [an apology] from anybody, I wasn't going to apologize for being there. I wasn't going to apologize for being in the title fight and I wasn't going to apologize for being the champion."

Though Woodley has taken the high road himself, that hasn't prevented commentators and fans to criticize the newly crowned champion.

"I've been the champion for five minutes and no one will let me enjoy it. Everyone is like 'You are supposed to fight this guy. You are running.' How am I running from a fight? I just fought. I fought three or four days ago and I can't enjoy my moment. That's so insensitive."

Though Woodley knows that he will have a lot of the welterweight division calling out his name for a fight, he is not too concerned. He believes that he is the champ for the reason and that no one will be able to properly prepare for him because there is not enough recent tape to watch of him.

"Nobody knows what the hell I've been working on. They haven't really seen much of anything in two years. So I'm the worst opponent to prepare for."

This edge that he will have over his next opponent is what Woodley believes will allow him to remain successful in the Octagon. His reign as champion has begun and he doesn't want it to be over anytime soon.

"Expect to see more of what you just saw. That was just a taste. I plan on being here a while so I'm getting real comfortable."


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